Alive Text «High Speed SMS and Email messaging»

Alive Text is a highly productive tool to quickly sending out SMS/txt, Email and Skype/(iPad) template messages to single Favorites, SMS Groups and Email Groups. Yes, frequently used messages, imported or created once, used for ever. And the message is still personal thanks to live access to your favorites Contact fields. Alive Text supports template sharing and you can add templates directly from web by using our URL syntax or visit Alive Text is a universal app, so you can use the same app on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Alive Text is fast, easy to use, saves you valuable time and has a great cover flow-style front end.

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  • Select Favorite, check-mark Message template,
    ...Tap Facebook and Post
    (ex. for your long planned text post)
    ...Tap Twitter and Post
    (ex. for your commonly used hash tags)
    ...Tap SMS/iMessdage and Send
    ...Tap Email and Send
    ...Tap Skype - double tap input field, Paste and SEND
    (iPad/iPod touch iOS 4 <)
  • Please go here for more Screenshots
Some App features
  • Supports templates for Facebook, Twitter, SMS/iMessage and Mail
  • Support for SMS Groups, multi SMS recipients
  • Support for Email Groups with To:, Cc: and Bcc: options
  • First Time bulk import of Favorites from Contacts
  • Internal web access to Import template messages in 9 different languages
  • Switch between Family, Friends, Work or Other, and the matching set of favorites and messages will be visible for you
  • Send out your current GPS Google maps URL (xgmm) to friends and colleagues, show where you are in 2 seconds!
  • Share message templates by SMS and Email with URL for easy import
  • Create New and Edit Contacts from inside Alive Text
  • Use the same templates for Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and Skype
  • Share templates with friends
  • Use system codes for dynamic Contact fields, show Device info, add Google URLs, add current date (xdate) and GPS position (xgps)
  • App languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish
  • Visit (Load Messages from Web in Settings) for easy import of message templates
  • Use Alive Text to store and share frequent used SMS and Email messages
  • Use Alive Text to store and share six word stories
  • Use Alive Text to store and share famous sentences
  • Use Alive Text to store and share great memories
  • Use Alive Text to store and share poems
  • Use Alive Text to create and share funny adjective stories
  • If you use Alive Text for something else or have an idea for other usages, please let us know!

For more Alive Text template messages (9 different languages) visit our web site


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